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  • New basic course in Dutch, November 5th: Saturday 12:15 –> 2 spots.
  • Tracking course English, November 19th –> 1 spot left.
  • Tracking course Dutch, November 26th 

We are a dog school which teaches you by using situations encountered every day, every where.We will teach you how to build up a real tie with your dog, a tie based on mutual trust, respect and understanding. We do not teach rote learning or standard one size fits all commands. Our method is to teach you and your dog positive ways to handle all possible situations you will encounter in real life.

You will be taught the background to the behaviour of your dog and how you can prevent the occurrence of unwanted behaviour in the future. We often see that people have gone to puppy training with their dog and that the pups have learned to sit, go down and come on command. In itself, very good, but unfortunately the commands are then hardly ever used in daily life to ensure positive social contacts between the dog and other dogs, humans and owner. Following from this these people come to us for Behavioural Therapies or even worse when the dog can no longer form a tenable part of the owners household.

Follow among dogsThat outcome could easily be avoided if dog schools did not train the commands by rote but trained owners and dogs in using these commands in everyday situations. For instance many owners call us saying their dog will bark on the lead at other dogs (from playfulness, fear or frustration). This problem would not have occurred if owner and dog knew how to behave when they see another dog.

Different levels and ages in one group

Whether you have a puppy or an older dog who already knows some of the commands, everybody can learn at their own level how to act in different situations. As teams of all levels are being instructed at the same time, the more advanced teams can act as examples for the younger ones. You will see how you can reasonably expect your own dog to behave when he is older and has learned to listen and obey.
In these groups some dogs with behavioural problems towards humans or other dogs can also be placed, the group sessions are often a perfect follow up for individual behavioural therapy sessions.

All our students start with the basic training course. In each session a couple of the situations  of the course program will be explained and explored intensively. During the entire session you will be practising what is being taught – even when standing still whilst a situations is being described is practising: the dog must wait patiently until the owner has finished listening to another human.

Location and days

The lessons will take place at park Clingendael (on the boarder of Wassenaar and Den Haag) at Saturday mornings. Lessons during weekdays are also possible when there are sufficient application.
For more information on the different training courses please check the pages Basic Course, Continuation Course and Advanced Course.