Advanced Course

groepsles hondenschool

The advanced course consists of 9 sessions in a group. These group lessons are focused on the collaboration between you and your dog. We will practise on also maintaining contact with your dog over larger distances.

The following scenarios will be practised during this advanced course, sometimes enhanced with situations one of the participating teams have experienced problems with in the past. The sessions will mostly address behaviour in public out of doors. Problematic behaviour indoors is more easily solved with a private session.

Advanced Course Scenarios:

  1. We will teach you to work together with your dog in a fun and controlled manner on a daily basis.
  2. How to involve your dog by daily activities.
  3. Several different thinking games for dogs
  4. Teach you how to maintain contact with your dog over larger distances.
  5. Teach you a new more complex task (exercise ‘go back to your spot’) by breaking the whole task into little pieces that can be trained separately.
  6. To look in more detail to the body language of your dog.