Individual dog walking services

The general concept of a “dog walking service” is generally well known amongst dog owners. In The Hague and surrounding area you will find plenty. Very understandable, because with the rush of every day dogs don’t always get the exercise they need. The dogs we see when giving behavioural therapy, in many cases can’t go on walks with these services. We offer walks including training in our individual dog walking service. If you recognize you or your dog in one of the examples we are the right solution for your situation:

  • Your pup being unable to walk and play for an hour yet;
  • Your pup needing more personal attention for good socialization and training;
  • Your dog having behavioural problems which need attention and guidance;
  • Your dog not liking other dogs, be it to play or walk with them;
  • You not being fond of the idea that your dog gets little specific attention;
  • You don’t like the idea that your dog spends a lot of time in a van;
  • dog walking service on the beach at sunsetYour male dog not being neutered or your female dog being in heat;
  • Your dog being too old / ill, to walk an hour;
  • Your dog not being sufficiently obedient (yet);
  • You working requires walks irregularly, sporadically or in the weekends;

Our method

We try to respond to the wishes and needs you and your dog may have. We look at every dog as an individual, and each individual needs another approach. Training is always part of our walks, so dogs that aren’t the best listeners, can’t walk off the leash (yet) or have behavioural issues are welcome.

What it is we offer

Your dog will be walked by a certificated dog trainer and canine behavioural therapist (in training). We think knowledge is extremely important. After all, we’re dealing with living creatures! That’s why we have knowledge of breeds, behaviour, training methods and First Aid for dogs. You are ensured of a professional approach.
Each walk is based on strengthening wanted behaviour and replacing unwanted behaviour. That’s why we use “positive” training, for dogs whom aren’t just obedient, but happy as well. Next to this, we keep to the dog walking etiquettes, which you can find on our website. After all, nobody wants their dog to be a bother to others.

Advantages of our dog walking service

  • A reliable service for regularly or sporadically having your dog(s) walked;
  • Attention for your dog and his needs;
  • Positive training during each walk;
  • Certified dog trainer and behavioural therapist, so knowledge and experience;
  • Socialisation and proper guidance for social behaviour towards dogs and people;
  • Behavioural issues will be trained during each walk;
  • Mostly we’re also available in the mornings, evenings and weekends;
  • Because of our small-scale approach there is the possibility as an owner to decide at which time your dog will be walked by us;
  • Would you be able to combine a walk with a dog in your street, then both dogs aren’t just entitled to a longer walk. You both get a considerable discount as well.

 The intake

If you decide to make use of our dog walking service, we will discuss your wishes and the possibilities of your dog. Of course we will have a short walk together so you can show the specific needs and habits of your dog. After that the contract will be signed and we will get your house keys.

Working area

Our working area for the dog walking service contains Voorburg, Leidschendam, Rijswijk, Scheveningen and a big part of the Hague.