Pim de Wit

Pim with Herman and EdMy name is Pim de Wit and I started working for DogLogix in April 2013. I am a licensed trainer and Canine Behavioural Therapist and thoroughly enjoy working with dogs and our customers.
In 2016 I have obtained my degree as Canine Behavioural Therapist Cum Laude at the Dogvision Institute.

My own dogs

When my work is finished and I arrive home, I am met with great enthusiasm by the gang of dogs that form my family: the somewhat noisy and mischievous Basset Ed and my trusty and slightly shy African Boerboel Herman. The later at times accompanies me to my work as he acts as my assistant and helps training other dogs.
Daily I experience the joys of cooperating and interacting with dogs with different backgrounds. Mine have completely different characters and nothing is ever the same! Irrespective of the cause of their behaviour, which may be based on lack of time with their dams, or time spent in animal shelters or having had multiple different owners, I find it an enormous challenge to build a serious relationship with them and a growing understanding.

Animal lover

Pim en BobAs a child I was always surrounded by animals. I was more or less born in a dog kennel and grew up with multiple dogs and lots of other animals in and around the house. My parents gave me a lot of latitude when selecting pets: at one time I made a household pet of a chicken called Saar! Nevertheless, dogs gave me most enjoyment as I soon found out that they would usually do what was asked of them – and I loved that kind of give and take. I still have a snapshot of myself – with a small blue cap on my head – grinning like mad after I had managed to make our Bordeaux puppy sit on command.

Cooperation and training

I have always been fascinated with cooperating and working with my dogs. This fascination is not related to giving commands and having the dogs obey these slavishly. What I find important is using training to build up mutual trust and cooperation in ways which give both man and dog much enjoyment.
As mentioned above, nothing is ever the same. I strongly believe that relationships between man and dog needs investment from both sides; just like human relationships. I believe the amount of time, effort and patience invested in a training will mirror the result: “What you give is what you get”! This is one of the most fundamental truths I have learnt working with dogs and their owners.