Vision and training methods

I often see that canine behavioural problems occur or start through miscommunication between humans and dogs. So most of the time your dog doesn’t suffer from a psychic disorder but from wrong guidance. I would like to help you to solve the behavioural problems or to teach new behaviour when no problems have occurred yet.
Eefje en drie honden
It is impossible to see a problem without the circumstances. Not only the dog but its complete surrounding must be taken into account when looking at the problem. That is the reason the therapy, targets and advice that I give are all especially suited for you and your dog’s situation.
A few things have to be looked at to change your dog’s behaviour:

  • the motivation;
  • the state of mind;
  • the reward for your dog.

When all these point are clear we can start changing the behaviour or to start learning new behaviour. Among other things this is possible by using positive (reward based) training methods and by creating the right (learning) circumstances.

No punishment

Dogs and humans can’t learn when they are frightened; punishment of unwanted behaviour will thus not lead to (real and permanent) change in behaviour. It will only lead to a suppression of the problematic behaviour. Often fear and stress will lead to other unwanted behaviour and thus will not help you!
Apart from the fact the relation between you and your dog can become tense; the use of punishment is not needed at all. With creativity and determination almost all problems can be solved without hurting or scaring your dog. But sometimes you have to adjust your own wishes to the actual possibilities of this dog.