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Overview of the offered services and prices
Canine behavioural therapy
Canine behavioural therapy (3 meetings) includes: € 225,00
1st meeting of 2 to 3 hours includes:

  • anamnesis (history of the dog, problems in the past);
  • problem analysis;
  • diagnose of the underlying causes of the behaviour;
  • a written training plan with the advised training methods and analysis of your dog,
  • explanation and performing of the first steps and exercises of the training plan
2nd meeting of 1 hour in the week after the first meeting includes:
  • discussion of the training plan;
  • explanation and performing of the next steps and exercises of the training plan;
  • If needed adaptation of the training plan.
3rd meeting of 1 hour approximately 3 weeks after the second meeting includes:
  • explanation and showing of how to reduces the number of treats for your dog after each exercise;
  • teaching how to continue with the training;
  • further explanation, exercises and adaption of the training plan (if needed).
Private lesson
1st lesson of 1,5 to 2 hours includes: € 75,00
  • intake;
  • analysis of the wishes regarding the lessons;
  • showing of the first exercises;
  • information about house training, socializing, hunting or whatever is important in your situation.
Each further lesson of 1 hour costs: € 65,00
  • teaching of the next steps of each exercise on location;
  • extra information, skills to train better and how to reduce the number of treats.
Training of your dog
Internal and external training programs:
Prices depend heavily on the numerous possibilities and factors.