“If you keep doing what you did, you keep getting the behaviour you always got… „

what is DogLogix?

Are you looking for a custom-made answer to the behavioural problems of your dog? Canine behavioural therapy, private lessons or training in your own home? Then you have found the answer with DogLogix!
DogLogix is not simply a dog school but is specialized in specific problems.
These include:
Therapy dog James sitting on a big chair made out of a stump in the woods

  • excessive barking and howling;
  • separation anxiety;
  • aggressive/ unfriendly behaviour;
  • chasing cyclists/ joggers, rabbits, cats etc;
  • fear caused by fireworks or people;
  • uncontrollable behaviour or car sickness;
  • barking on the doorbell.

DogLogix is all for the slogan: “prevention is better than cure”. That is the reason we also offer, next to behavioural therapy, the possibility to take private (puppy) lessons and small grouplessons. This way you can make sure that you will get an obedient, happy dog and prevent any problems that may arise. Examples are:

  • teaching the dog to be alone;
  • walking on the leash without pulling
  • teaching your dog to come when called;
  • teaching your dog that the ringing of the doorbell means “go to the basket”;
  • doggy dance (learning your dogs tricks in a joyful way, also suited for children);
  • Learning how to behave towards other dogs on the leash;
  • Learning the motivation and specific body language of your dog

We only use positive training methods when teaching new behaviour and when solving behavioural problems. This means that you don’t harm your dog in any way but stimulate and challenge it to show the desired behaviour!