Continuation Course

The continuation course consists of 9 sessions in a group. During the group sessions your dog will learn to exercise self control by mastering his impulses during everyday life.

The following scenarios will be practised during this advanced course, sometimes enhanced with situations one of the participating teams have experienced problems with in the past. The sessions will mostly address behaviour in public out of doors. Problematic behaviour indoors is more easily solved with a private session.
Continuation Course Scenarios:

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  1. Teaching your dog self control.
  2. Teaching your dog to stand patiently and to co-operate when you need to shower, dry or brush him and when the veterinarian needs to examine your dog.
  3. Teaching your dog to ignore cyclists, horses, joggers and cars.
  4. Learning how to help your dog ignore exiting smells, sounds and sights.
  5. You will learn how you can teach your dog more complex tasks (like retrieving a dummy) by breaking the whole task into little pieces that can be trained separately.
  6. Teaching your dog to pay more attention to you during a walk
  7. After this course you will be very capable to read your dog and to work together.