Why private lessons?

Eefje geeft les aan MartinThese lessons can be used for learning the standard commands and desired behaviour when there aren’t any problems yet. It is also possible to use private lessons to solve smaller problems, for example:

  • teaching your dog to come when called;
  • walking on the leash without pulling;
  • very demanding and busy behaviour;
  • not listening when puberty hits;
  • wanting to swim everywhere.

There can be a number of reasons why private lessons are better suited for you compared to group lessons, for example:

  • You only want to learn commands accustomed specifically for your situation;
  • Your dog can’t focus and concentrate when surrounded by other dogs (e.g. because of playfulness or fear);
  • Your dog doesn’t like other dogs;
  • Your schedule doesn’t allow you to follow a course on the same day each week;
  • You have several dogs with which you want to train at the same time;
  • It is difficult for you to travel so more convenient for the course to be at your home;


We meet at your home or, when necessary, at the location you want to practise.
We will determine together what commands and behaviour are important to you (instead of the fixed commands you will learn at a normal dog school). Because of this you will get a nice and a for your specific situation adapted dog without behavioural problems.
And of course I’ll also explain what your dog sees as a reward and how you can use this to change it’s behaviour.

Breed specific behaviour

I can also give you information about (behavioural) problems known to occur in your specific breed of dog. And of course tell you what you can do to prevent your dog from developing these behavioural problems.

How many lessons?

The number of lessons that are needed depends on the amount of problems or the number of questions you have. The first lesson will take about 1.5 hours and the lessons after will take approximately one hour. For questions and support you can always call or email in the period the lessons are given and afterwards.