Basic Course

The basic course consists of 9 sessions in a group. During the group sessions you will learn how to cope with daily situations and what behaviour you can and should expect from your dog. The aim of the course is to create a socially capable dog whom you can easily guide through its daily life.

The following scenarios will be practised during this basic course, sometimes enhanced with situations one of the participating teams have experienced problems with in the past. The group sessions will mostly concern behaviour in public out of doors. Problematic behaviour in doors is more easily addressed during a private session.
Basic Course Scenarios:

  1. geduld JazPassing another dog when your dog is on the lead without pulling or barking
  2. Learning to read your dogs body language.
  3. To teach your dog to be more relaxed and less impulsive in daily life.
  4. Petting your dog, what is your dog telling you when you pet him?
  5. Does your dog always enjoy the petting? How can you see if he does?
  6. To teach your dog to ignore strangers.
  7. Teaching your dog the rules of games and how to handle food and treats.
  8. To have control over your dog without you pulling on the lead.
  9. To teach your dog to have self-control around food.