(Internal) dog training

In some cases it is possible that I perform the training of your dog for you. This is possible for behavioural therapy, correcting minor problems and by teaching your dog the preferred behaviour before problems occur.
It is also possible that I’ll train the first parts of new behaviour and you will train the finishing touch.


In some cases however it’s not possible for me to do all the training for you. This is the case when the problems have a direct connection with the way you and your dog relate to each other. And when the problem occurs in your home. As you can understand it is important in this case that you and your dog take on this problem together. I will of course support and help you as much as I can.

Internal training or training at your home

Trainen van hond met afleidingWhen it is possible that I train your dog we will together set clear goals for the training. Before the start of the training we will discuss how many training sessions are needed. You can choose between internal training or a training 1 or 2 times a day at your own house (depending on your wishes, the problem and location of your house). If you want your dog to be trained internally at my house we will estimate how many days will be needed. And at the end of the training I shall coach or “train” you so that you can continue to keep the new behaviour of your dog.